I don’t do this much on here but one of my intentions for the new year is to share more of my personal work. The idea was inspired by @austinkleon and his “Something Small Every Day” post. This is the first of many #SSED images I aim to share. More to come but I’ll still keep the random images alive sans #selfie so hopefully it doesn’t get super annoying. 

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Golden Moth Chemical
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Dually noted!
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Amazing mini-documentary on sampling from 1989. Steve Winwood, Andy Partridge (XTC), Tom Petty, Ofra Haza and more are interviewed.


Sol Lipman, Bob Gurwin

The obsessive fixation on productivity that seems to dominate social tools in the business context can be ramped down by balancing the utility of coordinating cowork with the aspirational side of cooperation.

We are doing our work as an outgrowth of our deepest drives: to find meaning and purpose through mastery of our craft and connection with those we respect. The files and tasks and comment threads are artifacts, props, like the backdrops and fake swords at the opera, or the punctuation marks in a great work of fiction. The experience is what matters, not the gizmos.

Yes, Sol is right. We need to embrace — or actually create — a new form of community, one that is undergirded by our propensity for cooperation, and social tools that move past the rigidity and inflexibility of 20th Century ‘collaboration’. We need cooperative tools, where human connection and Maslow’s transpersonal — putting the safety, strivings, and happiness of others first — is placed at the center of our ethos. As Maslow said

The fully developed (and very fortunate) human being working under the best conditions tends to be motivated by values which transcend himself. 

This is the identity that I think Sol is talking about.

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